School’s out of session, temperatures have risen, and the first day of summer is fast approaching! This month we celebrate Father’s Day. While there are many ways Father’s Day can be celebrated, there are also ways in which you can celebrate fathers and male role models in a green fashion. This year, consider some of these green ways to celebrate with dad!


  • One way to spend some quality time with dad is to get outside. Consider going fishing, camping or hiking– if you’re really feeling it then do all three!
  • If firing up the grill and cooking for dad this year, consider taking a trip to your local farmer’s market to buy local, organic products. Make sure you recycle and compost anything you can!
  • Take him out to the ballgame! Other activities to consider for celebrating Father’s Day are concerts, plays, or sporting events (The Mariners and Brewers both have home series over Father’s Day weekend). These can be great activities with Dad,  just make sure you go paperless with your tickets to keep those paper stubs out of the trash!


  • Got a Dad who’s always on the go? Think about gifting reusable items.
    • Reusable water bottles for the gym enthusiast, cycler, or hiker
    • Coffee mugs or refillable Keurig cups for the coffee addict
    • Plastic containers for on the go meals
    • Reusable shopping bags
  • Give green- literally!
    • Gift dad with a houseplant, which can filter and purify the air in any room in the house or gift a tree! With RENEW’s Plant it Forward campaign, you can plant a tree in recognition of someone special this Father’s Day. 
  • Gifting power tools or landscaping equipment?  Opt for rechargeable electric products.
  • For the laid back dad, consider a hammock. Dad will think of you every time he’s lounging in the yard.
  • If gifting clothing, shaving cream, aftershave, beard oil, body wash or shampoo consider eco-friendly, local, or organic products.


Happy Father’s Day from 7-Eleven RENEW!